Bobby G. is the visionary behind Team BOS-Tech. As General Manager, Bobby G. drafted this talented team of business professionals. As a serial entrepreneur, he relies on his experience and vision to lead Team BOS-Tech with creative ideas, which continually produce winning formulas for success.

CJ Hatcher – An entrepreneur and technology professional with a MBA and advanced technical degrees, CJ has managed and directed more than $10 million dollars of assets and capital, with years of new software product development experience and the use of artificial intelligence for predictive analytics applications.

Reggie Raymond – As an experienced program manager at one of the leading global consultancies, with over 22 years in global IT development and delivery, Reggie has a deep understanding in building and optimizing programs through the development of data-focused, scalable applications and processes. He’s been able to formulate strategies and define program objectives on interconnected projects. He’s adept at planning and leading cross functional teams, developing deadlines, determining cost savings solutions, presenting, and interfacing with c-suite executives. Under his leadership, programs have realized millions of dollars in cost savings and resources have been able to direct their time savings into other activities.

James Turner – Mr. Turner is the owner of Nickel Innovations, LLC and creator of NUARVU, an augmented reality marketing platform. James is an IT security engineer and software developer with 20 years of experience delivering solutions to industry. His primary focus of expertise is Data Encryption and Identity Management.   He has provided quality support and solutions to multiple government agencies and Fortune 5 corporations. In the past two decades James has become a subject matter expert in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Blockchain, Identity Management, and Augmented Reality development.

Stefany has successfully developed and published two digital magazines leveraging here digital marketing skill to bring content to diverse communities on a global scale. A dedicated professional passionate about driving transformative growth in this global economy. Stefany has a diverse background spanning decade, across disciplines, and across continents in areas including but not limited to strategic business consulting, leadership, business entrepreneurship education, training and development, and commercial real estate construction and development.